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Usage Guide

Note: These examples use the Sandbox Gemini exchange environment for testing

Getting Started

The package is available on PyPI and can be installed using pip or poetry.


You'll need to have Python 3.6 or above. Package dependencies are listed in the poetry.lock file.

  1. Sign in to Gemini and get API Keys

  2. Install package

pip install gemini_api
  1. Stack some sats programmatically 😎

If you would like to edit the source code yourself

  1. Clone this repo sh git clone
  2. Install required dependencies python poetry install

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Usage Examples

Creating a New Order

Here is an example of creating a new order in the Sandbox test environment through the Order Placement API by instantiatng a new Authentication object with your public and private key and providing it to the Order class.

The class method 'new_order' will return an Order object and the 'order_id' attribute for the new order created is printed.

from gemini_api.endpoints.order import Order
from gemini_api.authentication import Authentication

auth = Authentication(
    public_key="XXXXXXXXXX", private_key="XXXXXXXXXX", sandbox=True,

if __name__ == "__main__":
    x = Order.new_order(